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Azealia Banks’ New Single ‘Chasing Time’ Hits The Web – Listen!

Surprise! Surprise! Just a little over a week after performing the song for the first time for a live crowd at Glasgow, the full studio version of Azealia Banks‘ “Chasing Time” has made its official debut after originally leaking earlier in the day! The track serves as her latest single following “Heavy Metal and Reflective,” both of which will be featured on her long-delayed debut album Broke With Expensive Taste. Produced by Ronny “Flip” Colson, Oak and Steve Mostyn, “Chasing Time” sees Azealia returning to her 1991 EP vibes with its early ’90’s-inspired House melodies and ballroom-ready, strut-ready grooves. “Cause I’m born to dance in the moonlight, I feel like spending my nights alone, I try, to give you a little more space to grow, white lies, I don’t wanna be around anymore, I’m through giving I’ve got to go / Am I chasing time? Cause I’m wasting all mine on you,” Azealia sings before jumping into a fierce mile-a-minute flow. This is exactly what we should’ve received from the beginning! I know she’s made a mess of her career but I still have hope for Azealia – This song goes in! What do you guys think?


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