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Nick Jonas Takes Us On A Ride for ‘Jealous’ Music Video!

Following its debut last week, Nick Jonas‘ new single “Jealous” has quickly become one of the most added songs on radio, and now, here we have the official music video! Directed by artist Peter Tunney, who incorporated his own artwork into the video, the clip sees the 22-year-old former Jonas Brother taking us on a psychedelic journey as he hops on a motorcycle, shows off his MMA fighting skills, performs with a elderly women in heaven, and gets a bit envious of all the attention his real-life girlfriend, Olivia Culpo, is receiving from some other guys. It’s all nicely done, and if you look closely, the visual is also feathered with a bunch of inspirational and hidden messages which appear on street signs, city walls and his instruments. Fun effects aside, Nick looks so sexy beautiful so that’s all that really matters on my end.

“I had a specific experience that sort of inspired me to write this song and got the ball rolling in that sense, and it’s not limited to that by any means,” Nick told MTV News. “And this video is about getting a little bit deeper and opening the conversation up and just having fun while we do it.”

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