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Flower Queen Alison Valentine Debuts ‘Our Little Secret’ Music Video!

It’s time to catch up with longtime favorite, Alison Valentine! The New York based singer-songwriter-florist has been invading my eardrums with her dreamy singles “Peanut Butter,” “Warm Winters Day,” “Curious” over the past few years, and now, she’s back with her best one yet, “Our Little Secret“! The brand-new single sees Alison diving deeper into a more alt-pop sound with its bright guitars, shimmery electronica, and sweet melodies that wrap perfectly around her angelic vocals. “I have a secret, hope you can keep it / I have a secret, hope you can keep it,” she softly sings atop of the dreamy production – I’m in heaven!

If you’re feeling the song, then you’ll definitely be into its accompanying music video directed by Eliza McNitt, which basically pays homage to all my favorite female-led cult classic films like The Heathers, Clueless, and The Virgin Suicides. “The song is about a secret love. In the video we wanted the focus to be on friendship and love between girls and their independence from boys,” Alison told Jon ALi. “We filmed in my hometown in New Jersey, which makes it very special to me. We shot in my best friend’s grandma’s backyard, where I learned to play tennis. The girls and I are sitting in front of the crooked apple tree we planted together when we were 12. Some visual inspirations include The Craft, 90s Britney, The Virgin Suicides and Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume ads, the last two which are both by Sofia Coppola, one of my favorite directors.”

BUY Alison Valentine’s new single “Our Little Secret” on iTunes NOW!

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