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Leighton Meester Returns with ‘Heartstrings’ – Debut Album Scheduled for October!

Actress, singer, and overall flawless human being Leighton Meester had quite the surprise for us today when she announced she will finally be releasing her long-awaited debut album Heartstrings on October 28 via Hotly Wanting! If you remember correctly, the 28-year-old entertainer made her first attempt at a music career back in 2009 when she debuted her infectious Robin Thicke-assisted single “Somebody To Love.” Unfortunately for Lei Lei, the song went nowhere and her second single “Your Love’s A Drug” was hardly given a push so an album never saw the light of day. That’s all about to change now though with Leighton embracing a whole new singer-songwriter direction.

Below is the title track from the upcoming nine-song LP, “Heartstrings,” a acoustic-driven pop number that is packed with haunting background coos and melancholy, heaven-sent melodies written by Leighton and produced by Jeff Trott. “Had to save my own self from all your evil games and now it ain’t the same / You will have no such luck to try to come inside / It is to be denied / Tie my heartstrings, I tie my heartstrings off,” she sweetly sings across the shifting production. Easily the best thing we’ve heard come out of her mouth thus far – I absolutely love it. What do you guys think?

“‘Heartstrings’ speaks to vibe and encompasses a lot of the themes of the rest of the album,” Leighton told Billboard. “It’s been a long time coming and I’m very excited to finally release it.”


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