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Nick Jonas Totally Delivers with New Single, ‘Jealous’!

Following the release of his very good buzz single “Chains,” Nick Jonas has already decided to move onto his next offering with the premiere of “Jealous“! The track will serve as the first “official” single off of his forthcoming self-titled solo album, which is due out November 11 via Island Records. Produced and written alongside Nolan Lambroza and Simon Wilcox, “Jealous” sees Nick ditching the murky hip-hop beats of its predecessor for a more friendly and upbeat ’80′s sound made perfect for the airwaves. “I turn my cheek, music up / And I’m puffing my chest / I’m getting ready to face you / Can call me obsessed / It’s not your fault that they hover / I mean no disrespect / It’s my right to be hellish / I still get jealous,” Nick sings before the addictive chorus kicks in. The song is undeniably a bop, if he promotes it right there’s no reason it shouldn’t be a hit. What do you guys think?

BUY Nick Jonas’ new single “Jealous” on iTunes NOW!


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