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Nicole Scherzinger Premieres Liberating ‘On The Rocks’ Music Video!

Following its debut last week, Nicole Scherzinger premieres her brand-new music video for “On The Rocks“! The track serves as the official second single off her upcoming sophomore solo album, which is due out later this year via Sony Music and RCA Records. Directed by Tim Mattia, the black-and-white clip sees Nicole emotionally distraught as she lays up in bed pouring her heart out about her relationship that’s clearly come to an end. Fed up with the crying, she confronts her boyfriend and even throws a drink in his face before tearing up the house. Once she’s done with him, a liberated Nicole runs outside and all is right in the world. While the song may not be everyone’s cup a tea, I have to say she really sold it with this dramatic visual. The woman just knows what to do. What do you guys think?

Nicole Scherzinger will release her new single “On The Rocks” in the UK on October 12!


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