Nicole Scherzinger Premieres New Single, ‘On The Rocks’!

After giving fans a taste of her new record with catchy lead single “Your Love,” Nicole Scherzinger is deciding to switch things up a bit with the premiere of its follow-up entitled “On The Rocks“! Produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, the song is a big, soaring pop ballad driven by subtle piano lines and crushing drums that has Nicole singing about a failed relationship. Her way of getting over it: have something strong on the rocks, maybe a few shots. GENIUS! No not really, the song grows on your after a few listens but ultimately it’s a bit lackluster and doesn’t really scream single material. Without a doubt an interesting choice considering “Your Love” underperformed in the UK. What do you guys think? Hit or Miss?

Nicole Scherzinger will release her new single “On The Rocks” in the UK on October 12!


  1. Rocello

    I love it. But I don’t think it’s single material. But yet again, all her single efforts never make an impact so maybe this time is different 🙂

  2. timothy

    it is actually an amazing song, melody and lyric-wise, but it’s not what the world considers a ”hit”
    it’s a pitty that good songs like this can’t get a chance at a bigger success just because of the lack of the formulaic arrangement that is popular today…sad…

  3. CDC

    I really want to like it but it just isn’t that great! No idea why we haven’t heard any smashes from her yet, too bad!

  4. Topher

    Yeah I probably won’t listen to it again after this but I don’t absolutely hate it. Don’t care for the production of it.

  5. Cal

    How did “Your Love” underperform in the UK? Sure it wasn’t the smash she needed, but it managed to come it at #6 without any radio support or streaming support (which has been hindering all pop acts in the UK). Without factoring in streaming and just basing it on pure sales, it managed to reach #3 I’m pretty sure….

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