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Nicki Minaj: ‘Anaconda’ Video Premiere – So Much ASS ASS ASS!

ASS ASS ASS. THAT ASS DOE. Nicki Minaj has just dropped the music video for “Anaconda“! The Sir Mix-a-Lot-sampled banger serves as the second official single off her upcoming third studio album The Pink Print, which is scheduled to be released this fall via Young Money and Republic Records. Directed by Colin Tilley, the brand-new clip sees Nicki channeling all her many colorful personalities as she shakes her booty in a rainforest with a group of fierce rump shakers, whips up some tasty treats in the kitchen, and even gives Drake a lap dance he most likely will never forget. I can’t even lie, the video is everything and Nicki seriously looks amazing. The song is unquestionably gonna be big.

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  • Jon

    Congrats Nicki, you’ve just set a new low for women everywhere. Is this Top 40 pornography really your message for young women? Talk about simple-minded…

    • derrick

      too be honest, she is incredibly talented and smart Rapper… The whole idea of this video is to getting people. the entire remake of sir-mix-alot’s track and video as a concept with nicki minaj’s rebuttable (pun intended) added something to the ongoing repartee between rap artists which started early on. When examing female rappers and their sexual revolution, they will look back at Nicki Minaj, Lil Kim, Foxxy, Remy, Trina and so on. Let’s not act like Lil Kim and Foxxy weren’t poppin’/shaking it for the world to see. It’s Rap, not Kidsbop !!!!

    • bLaine kelley

      why does the responsibility of setting any form of measurement for ALL WOMEN fall upon Nicki Minaj?

      Why the hell can’t a grown ass woman make a song and video embracing her body?!?
      If people have issues with that and can’t comprehend that one song, let alone, one body part does not define a woman or women in general, than they need to educate and liberate themselves.

      you sound like a conservative tool.

  • Jon

    Women everywhere, not All Women… And I never said that she wasn’t a very talented rapper…

    I’m all for women embracing their bodies and their sexuality. But this feels exploitative, belittling women down to nothing more than sex objects.

      • Derrick

        If Nicki’s a skanky whore, then almost all the pop stars and female rappers are as well. Let’s not pretend like Nicki Minaj is the only one poppin’ and shakin it for the world to see.

  • Jasmine

    I disagree. I think she is a gimmick and lacks talent. Real talent is being able to write and perform an original hit record that is worthy of getting a re-make years later. I’m glad that you are stanning for her but let’s be honest here. The song’s credits lists over six people as the composer (Ernest Clark, Jamal Jones, Onika Maraj, Marcos Palacios, and Anthony Ray) and on top of that this is a remake of Sir Mixalot’s song. Nothin original here and the video concept came from Colin Tilley. I think it is a nice video. I like videos that are daring but the song is lackluster so it is not memerable.

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