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Kimbra Celebrates ‘The Golden Echo’ Release with ‘Miracle’ Video Premiere!

To celebrate the release of her new album The Golden Echo, Kimbra has premiered the amazingly happy music video for “Miracle“! The track serves as the official second single from the new LP, which is available everywhere now via Warner Bros. Records. Directed by Thom Kerr, the clip sees the New Zealand singer-songwriter cheerfully strolling through the streets of New York while random dancers join in on the fun. “This song is really a song about joy and celebration and the sense of having your faith restored in life and love again,” Kimbra told Consequence of Sound. “This song lyrically, is about what it’s like to be in a situation that makes me feel one way, and then someone comes along and shifts your perspective on it and you see it in a new way. It’s very much like an intervention of some sort — like a miracle. It plays with reality and shines a new light on something.” Shine your light on me girl – The feel good vibe of this song is contagious, I love it.

BUY Kimbra’s sophomore album The Golden Echo (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes NOW!


  • Mike

    OMG she is awesome. Modern electropop and R&B with classic jazz. It’s perfect in so many ways, and so smooth and easy to listen to. Video is simple, dancing in the street. Basic. =)

  • Janus

    Like the video, but why is the song different? I kinda like this version better tho. I was kinda hoping for more out of the video, but I’m not mad about it.

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