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Taylor Swift Announces New Album ‘1989’ & Debuts ‘Shake It Off’ Music Video!

As promised, Taylor Swift hosted her Yahoo! Live Stream today (August 18) and revealed a whole bunch of great news for all you Swifties! The 24-year-old singer announced the title and release date of her fifth studio album, 1989, and also debuted the dance-themed video for the official lead single “Shake It Off.” 1989 will come out worldwide on October 27 via Big Machine Records: The standard edition will include new 13 songs while the deluxe edition will come packed with 3 bonus tracks and 3 of Taylor‘s songwriting voice memos recorded during the early creation of the album. “The inspiration behind this record, I was listening to a lot of late 80’s pop … I really loved the chances they were taking, how bold it was,” Taylor said. “It was apparently a time of limitless potential, the idea you could do what you want be what you want … the idea of endless possibility was kind of a theme in the last two years of my life. She then added, “For the record this is my very first documented pop album.”

Shake It Off,” sees TayTay reunite with Max Martin and Shellback on a upbeat, haters-gonna-hate pop anthem driven by a gitty dance beat and subtle saxophone line. It’s nothing out of this world but its a fun little number that will undeniably certify her another hit so get used to it.

“I’ve had every part of my life dissected — my choices, my actions, my words, my body, my style, my music,” Taylor told Rolling Stone about the new single. “When you live your life under that kind of scrutiny, you can either let it break you, or you can get really good at dodging punches. And when one lands, you know how to deal with it. And I guess the way that I deal with it is to shake it off.”

Pre-order Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 on iTunes and receive “Shake It Off” now!


  • michael

    I’m sorry but if I am going to be honest the song is Lame. She really needs to start focusing on a more mature sound and lyrics if she wants to stick around for much longer. I mean people were already starting to make fun of her during her last album with her juvenile songs.

  • Mike

    Taylor is smart and individualistic and people relate to it easily. She’s like, “and yes you can charge that song to your iTunes account. Bye!”

    • Michael

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA I would HARDLY say Taylor Swift runs the music business LOL! I really can’t picture people caring about her in 10 years from now! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

      • greg

        Her last album that came out two years ago was the last album to debut with over a million in the first week. No one has done it since. You are delusional if you think she’s going away.

  • Janus

    Ok she may not be breaking any ground, or maturing or sticking to country, but the world needs some good girl pop. And no one makes it quite like Taylor. Not saying I’m in love with this, but I like the feel good vibes.

  • Jon

    “Got nothin’ in my brain” 🙂 Right on the money, lol. This is not a “sick beat”, as she proclaims, but it’s good pop fun. Must she have included the twerking??

  • Fabs

    Well… I think you gotta understand at some point that there is people who can mature musically and visually, create awesome songs with deep meaning, write heartbreaking songs and why not? have fun some times and then… well then is Taylor Swift who apparently plans to stay at age 14 mentally for the rest of her life and be a walking joke while she dates guys only for attention, good thing is people finally is getting tired of her act.

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