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Ariana Grande Gets Super Campy for ‘Break Free’ Music Video – Watch Now!

After debuting her Big Sean-assisted “Best Mistake” yesterday, Ariana Grande surprises her fans with the premiere of her music video for “Break Free” featuring Zedd! The track, which currently holds the #18 spot on the Billboard Hot 100, serves as the second official single off her upcoming sophomore album My Everything, which is due out August 25 via Republic Records. Directed by Chris Marrs Piliero, the clip sees the 21-year-old young diva playing an intergalactic princess who comes to rescue a galaxy far, far away in the campy visual, which was inspired by Barbarella and Star Wars. Ariana looks amazing and its all campy fun but I honestly wasn’t really feeling it. The whole thing just seems a little silly but then again she is catering to her younger demographic. Anyway.. you guys be your own judge. Sound off in the comments below!

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  • WK

    It’s corny and childish. She’s 21 years old now and should start acting like it if she wants to be taken seriously. Such a great song though.

  • cruz

    She is a lot like young Mariah, big voice, 0 personality & rythym, but hot as hell. With a body and face like that fine by me if she just rolls around 😉

  • Mike

    First of all, the video is super quiche! Yes, it’s reminisces of “Oops… I Did It Again” flashbacks for sure. I think the song itself is a big step for Ariana, and she doesn’t really need to prove anything more with the video than to be herself. I thought it was tasteful and appropriate for the image she is trying to go for. I think if anyone is going to talk about the video being childish needs to understand the type of POP music is catering to these days. HOUSE vs POP people. Republic Records did not release the FULL extended version on iTunes, from my understanding, which caters to largely a less conservative “edm” crowd.

  • ABE

    Leotards are so 2009… also the video looks cheap and childish. She is trying too hard, the song is great but the video ruined it for me

  • David

    Had a feeling Zedd would pop up towards the end lol… The video is alright but I don’t know why they use the same angles to shoot most of it, in comparison to Problem I mean.

  • Alexander

    Has literally everyone forgot about Britney’s Oops video??! It was a crazy corny outer space romp. Ariana’s video makes me want to dance, just like the song does. People who are screaming grow up should either go yell at Selena Gomez or learn to loosen up!

  • anonymoose

    It’s alright, I guess. Like Britney meets Katy Perry or something like that but not as great; like she just looked kind of bland in this to me I dunno maybe that’s just me..and btw when is she gonna do something new with her hair? Kinda tired of seeing that same hairdo all the time now

  • danny

    And when is she gonna start looking like she’s even remotely interested? She sings with such power, but her lip synching in the videos never matches how she actually sounds.

  • Aaron

    Then All of a sudden Rocket Raccoon and Star Lord comes And Blows Up Their Ship. HAHAHAAHa Funny Right? (Guardians of The Galaxy <3)

    Love The Song .. Video Not Really

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