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Neon Hitch Celebrates Her Freedom with New Single, ‘Yard Sale’!

Neon Hitch is breaking free and leaving all her past troubles behind with the premiere of her latest music video for new single, “Yard Sale“! After years of numerous single releases (“Get Over U“, “Bad Dog“, “Fuck U Betta“, etc.) and various set-backs surrounding her previously titled debut album Beg, Borrow & Steal, the 28-year-old British singer-songwriter has decided to move on once and for all and continue her musical journey without her major label record contract. Her brand-new single produced by Kinetics & One Love, “Yard Sale” is a soaring pop number “about leaving the past behind and letting go of the stuff you don’t need – literally and emotionally. The last couple years have been tough for me – I was drowning in emotional baggage that I couldn’t let go of, while fighting for my creative freedom,” Neon told Just Jared. “A huge weight has been lifted now as I’ve finally taken my freedom back, and I feel more alive than ever. This song is a personal anthem of liberation!” Take a listen below, and look out for Neon‘s new debut album Eleutheromaniac, which is set for release in September. What do you guys think?

BUY Neon Hitch’s brand-new single “Yard Sale” on iTunes NOW!


  • Sparkle Sparkle

    I love me some neon hitch, I remember when Bad Dog came out and I saw her perform at a local club. She was great, but is it just me or it hard to understand what she’s saying in this video? Her accent is really thick here which I think plays against her because I love the beat, and when she throws out the boom box and she’s in the pool, that part sounds amazing but I want to sing along and can’t because I don’t know what she’s saying for most of the video. Anyway, the best of luck to her because I love her voice and music.

  • Idolized101

    Neon Hitch is a real artist! In a sea of cheap everyday pop stars I love her originality. I hope ppl buy her up!

  • CG Girl

    Oh Thank you!!!

    The melody is addicting and refreshing!!! I love the Irish influence and harmonies. Now a days, unfortunately everyone sounds the same, because they are all out of ideas. I am so glad that she wanted to include a Irish melody and blend it with American pop music. Thank you for slightly changing the music scene around here.

    She needs to keep it up, Neon can eventually become mainstream, if she keeps borrowing ideals but create a new lane and unique sound for herself.

  • blaaaa

    it’s not “irish” or “indian,” how can you call yourself a neon fan if you think that? it’s gypsy! obviously…

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