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Kris Allen Shares ‘Beautiful & Wild’ From Upcoming Album, ‘Horizons’!

Following the premiere of his Lenachka-assisted lead singleProve It To You,” American Idol alum Kris Allen shares another brand-new song entitled “Beautiful & Wild“! The track serves as a promotional iTunes single in support of his upcoming third studio album Horizons, which is due out August 12 via his own label called DogBear Records. Co-produced by Charlie Peacock, “Beautiful and Wild” sees Kris continue to embrace a more country and folk-leaning sound with its acoustic, guitar-driven melodies and charming, uplifting lyrics that are inspired by his first-born baby boy. It’s a sweet little number that should please longtime fans.

Pre-order Kris Allen’s third studio album Horizons on iTunes and receive “Beautiful & Wild” on iTunes NOW!


  • ryan

    ick. this sound didn’t work for jon mayer and its not working for him. bring back the pop or say goodbye to your career, mr. allen.

  • britt

    I absolutely loved him on Idol, but this is NOT gonna work for him This will not be played on the radio period. Sad. Bring back the fun please

    • michael

      Are you talking about the radio that plays the same five songs on repeat. either Katy Perry or Iggy. Yeah I could care less about radio play or success. This song is amazing and so is Kris

  • David

    I don’t care if Kris is not gonna make top 10 iTunes this time, he’s great for staying true to himself on this CD. And the new music is BEAUTIFUL, they get better with each listen. A true and mature musician

  • Lori

    Love the more mature and complex sound coming out of Kris with Horizons. People who appreciate original, finely crafted music will love his new CD. People who define success by what gets pushed by industry tools and hacks, probably not. Thanks to the music gods for the internet so there’s still an outlet for the actual artists and creators.

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