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Hilary Duff Hits the Beach for ‘Chasing The Sun’ Music Video!

Following its early debut yesterday (July 28), Hilary Duff premieres the official music video for her comeback track “Chasing The Sun“! The track serves as a buzz single off her upcoming fifth studio album, which is set to hit stores this fall via RCA Records. In the brand-new clip, the 26-year-old entertainer plays working girl who day-dreams about escaping her anonymous life by disappearing into a Malibu beach fantasy that comes complete with a hunky boy toy. It’s a cute, simple visual that matches the breezy vibe of the song and Hilary looks better than ever. I ain’t mad at it. What do you guys think?

BUY Hilary Duff’s brand-new single “Chasing The Sun” on iTunes NOW!



    What is this?!

    Nice music for grannies and tweens. Or to fall asleep to.

    Sorry… I’ve been with her since Metamorphosis, and she seemed to have matured and found a great sound with Dignity. I’ve been dying for a follow up to that.

    I wasn’t expecting full-on dance diva and while I’m glad she didn’t go for some tired, cheesy EDM track – this is just as bad! Tired, cheesy folksy-pop. It sounds dated, like it wouldn’t be out of place on either of her first two albums… what, ten years ago?

    I don’t think she’s serious about any supposed comeback. Silly me for thinking she was.

    Disappointing 🙁

  • Mike

    Uuuuuummmm, Right…. So I think she could have done just the beach themes without the office. It wouldn’t be a typical Hilary video without some hoaxy fun. It’s no wrecking ball comeback, but oh well.

  • Idolized101

    I figured what my problem with this song is, her voice on this song sounds like the song was a single that didn’t make it on the “Raise your voice” soundtrack. It really doesn’t convince she has grown at all. Remember just before she stopped making music how she seemed like she was ready to be a pop star with songs/videos like “play with fire” god I miss that girl.

  • Matt

    I am so shocked at all these comments, we should be greatful for the fact that she is back and doing music again and for herself aswell, I’ve been a fan ever since I heard why not and it’s a dream come true to have her back.

    • mike

      i totally agree i think its amazing and after so long i mean its a fun upbeat song that’s catchy and we will get more so just be patient

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