Hilary Duff Makes Her Grand Return with New Single, ‘Chasing The Sun’!

It’s been years in the making but it’s finally here: It’s Hilary Duff‘s long awaited comeback single, “Chasing The Sun“! After seven long years, the 26-year-old entertainer is finally finishing up her highly anticipated RCA Records debut, which will be her fifth studio album due out this fall. “I couldn’t be more excited to join the RCA family! I love my team there and feel so lucky to be in the company of their talented artists. I came to them with my vision for the album and it has been a real labor of love, but something I am so proud of. ‘Chasing The Sun’ is just a peek into my new album. I’ve worked very hard and the album is a great representation of the experiences I’ve had in my life and where I want to go from here!”

Written and produced alongside Colbie Caillat, Jason Reeves and Toby Gad, “Chasing The Sun” is a breezy and infectious guitar-driven pop number made perfect for the summer. “I’m chasing the sun / Won’t miss out on the fun, gotta get it while our hearts are young,” Hilary sings over the chilled-out, sweet production. The song is certainly no “Come Clean” or “With Love,” but its catchy little bop that should please her longtime fans. I’m hoping the album material brings us some stronger material. What do you guys think?

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  1. Huy

    I’ so happy Hilary is back in the music! I’m a big fan of her music since the beginning! Love the new single it’s has a fresh summer vibe!

  2. Janus

    Ok. No. This is almost the opposite of what I wanted. What happened to her voice?! It sounds like Paris Hilton with all the autotune 🙁 fingers crossed the rest of the album is better.

  3. Jeremy

    I like it! It’s very carefree, cute and fun for the summer! I do hope the album has some more deep and mature stuff though.

  4. Stephen

    This song definitely has Colbie Caillat’s signature all over it, and while it is fun and cute, I think it is a little too simple to be called a comeback single. Despite this, I would not call the track disappointing, in fact, I love it, and as a hardcore fan I hope it does well for her!

  5. Jessie

    I am bias, I have always loved Hilary Duff but I am disappointed with this ‘comeback single’. It’s incredibly simple, both lyrically and musically and I also agree with Janus in saying that it sounds like Paris Hilton. Sure she has gotten older and her voice has changed but it doesn’t sound like her at all at some points of the song.

    Of course, I still bought the song to support Hilary and I will buy the album as well when it arrives.

    PS: I’d love to get a copy of the Dave Aude remix if anyone has it.

  6. Santiago Beristagui

    i think this is a summer anthem, Hilary is back bitches, so get ready everyone, the album is going to be amazing.

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