EIGHT YEARS: Thank You, I Love You

EIGHT YEARS. EIGHT MOTHAFUCKING YEARS. Eight years ago today (July 26), I decided to share my love for music and all the craziness that comes with it on what is now Jon ALi’s Blog. It’s crazy for me to think that I started this whole thing eight classy years ago as a hobby and that it’s still up, running, and going strong. My intention for this site was never career driven, I simply just loved talking about music and sharing it with people. I pinch myself everyday because I never thought my little blog would lead me to experience so many amazing things and accomplish so many goals. Not only that, but the people I’ve met and the friends I’ve made, words can’t even describe the feels. It is literally a dream and it’s all thanks to your non-stop support and love – seriously. Thank you for sticking around all these years, it means more than you know. With that said, I don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon so I hope you’re ready for an even bigger and better year. Love, Jon ALi <3

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  • JDD

    Congratulations, Jon! It’s been quite a journey for your followers also 🙂 I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog almost everyday for many years now (5+) and I’ve never, ever been disappointed with your mix tapes, you’re so good at what you do.
    Here’s to many more years to come! x from NZ

  • Fouad

    Congratulations, I’m one of your fans… fan of this great blog!
    and I love your taste in music and trust you!
    Wish you all the best and keep the good work up!

  • nah

    Congratulations, Jon!! I’ve been reading your blog for only two years, but I always rely on you for great new music every day. I can tell that you’ve come such a long way and it makes me so proud that you’re still going strong! You’re the best, man, here’s to many more! xxxxxxx

  • Danllourenco

    I met the blog there 3 years ago and here I opened my eyes and ears there is much that I never have known if it was not here. This blog is amazing and your taste in music that you show here too. congratulation! i love here!

  • Tamz

    Congratulations Jon, i visit your site on a daily basis and thank you for that enjoyment! Keep it up and wish you all the best! Congratulationssssssssss

  • Robbie

    Congratulations becoming to your blog for the last 5 years and it has definetly kept me informed up to date with alot of up incoming artist along with alot of my favorite artist still building things to come please keep it up and hope for many more years to come for you in the future

  • Mike

    YAY! You work so hard to bring amazing talent to discovery in the music community. Thank you so much for living out your passions and dreams! We love it!

  • sjg

    No, thank you for having such a good ear for music and keeping the world updated. I swear that we have the same exact music tastes. I have been following this blog since the beginning and while I rarely comment I just want to commend you for keeping It up. Bloggers fade away but you’ve stayed devoted.

    Your playlists and mixtapes are always on point and I appreciate it. Thanks for allowing me to be the life of the party with my friends, who still swear that I have a good ear for music when really all I do is come straight here. You da man!

  • SandyBeaches

    Choice bro sweet as. Many happy returns destined for you and much success eager to come along more than you relish in now *insert smiley face*

  • CG Girl

    Congrats Jon!

    I love your blog and have been a long time reader and supporter! I like how you continue to post on innovative and upcoming musicians and your blog is never hateful, mean or spiteful. I’m so glad that you have continued to live out your dreams! Congratulations!!!!

  • Wanda

    Congratulations Ali! You’re doing an amazing job with this blog ( I’ve been following for the past 6 years :)).. There are so many unbelievably great artists You’ve introduced us to! Thank You for all your hard work, it’s much appreciated, believe me :)Love from Hungary!

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