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Florrie Readies Debut Album with ‘Little White Lies’!

After building up some proper hype with her fantastic 3-piece Sirens EP back in April, Florrie is now preparing the release of her long awaited debut studio album with the premiere of her new single “Little White Lies“! The track, which received its first play during Huw StephensBBC Radio 1 show this morning (July 3), is quite the euphoric stompin’ tune with its swirling syths, dramatic crashing drums, and sweet melodies. “Little white lies, we keep to ourselves and will never tell, ain’t hurting nobody, little white lies,” Florrie declares above the pounding beats as the track builds to glorious heights. It’s another winner from the blonde beauty, and if this is any indication of whats to come, then you best believe I’m looking forward to it. Listen below!

Florrie will release her new single “Little White Lies” in the UK on August 17!


  • CG Girl

    Disappointing. The song is so generic. I was hoping for something different, catchy or unique from her. I hope the rest of the album has the classic and unique Florrie sound!

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