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Wrathschild Premiere Their New Single, ‘Angeles’!

After dropping their debut single “Fall Into Love” back in March, New pop duo Wrathschild unleash their official follow-up entitled “Angeles“! The track will serve as the second single off their upcoming debut EP, which is currently slated for release this Fall. Produced by Ray Reich, “Angeles” is a soaring, anthemic power pop anthem packed with hard-hitting drums and a earworm of a hook dedicated to the ups and downs of living in Los Angeles. “LA never gets any of the love,” Simon said about the song. “California has plenty of anthems, but LA itself has never really had one. The city is bittersweet and broken, yet hopeful and full of dreams in a way that only someone who’s lived it could truly know. This song really captures that.” Wolfy adds, “It’s also a metaphor for life and death. For some people, LA is paradise, and for others, it becomes their hell. It’s really all about our mutual human experience.” This new single certainly reveals a whole different side of the male-female duo but it the best way possible. It’s fresh, different, and undeniably relatable. I’m looking forward to hearing more from these two. Listen below!

BUY Wrathschild’s brand-new single “Angeles” on iTunes NOW!

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