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Joel & Benji Madden Return As The Madden Brothers: ‘We Are Done’

I think most of you remember pop-punk band Good Charlotte, right? After exploding in 2002 with their hit single “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous“, the boys went on to score three top 10 Billboard 200 albums before ending their run as a band in 2010 with their fifth and final studio album Cardiology. Well now, the founding members, twins Joel and Benji Madden are back and ready to deliver us some new music under a brand-new name, The Madden Brothers. Here we have their first official single “We Are Done” from their upcoming debut album Greetings From California, which is set for a release in October via Capitol Records. Kicking off with a bouncy guitar riff, “We Are Done” is a complete reinvention for the boys with its retro-soul rhythm and soaring chorus made perfect for the warm summer months ahead. It’s appealing, respectably catchy, and could easily fit into just about any pop radio rotation. I’m totally here for it – Welcome back boys! What do you guys think?

We worked a very long time on this record. We’ve been working for almost three years on this Madden Brothers record and were so happy to finally be done with it. Good Charlotte will always be. It’s in our DNA, but it’s the Madden Brothers now, so we just decided to break off and do this new thing. We had to spend almost three years trying to find our sound… and get inspired.

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