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Sam Smith: ‘In The Lonely Hour’ Album & Apollo Theater Ticket Giveaway!

Since introducing him a year ago, Sam Smith has accomplished a whole lot and rightfully so. In his home base, the acclaimed British soul singer has already started a second week at #1 with his debut album, In The Lonely Hour, while current single “Stay With Me” sits pretty at #2. With just a week left to go until its official US release (June 17), it looks like Sam will be replicating the same success stateside considering he currently has three singles in the Top 30 of the Billboard Hot 100: Stay With Me (#19), DisclosureLatch” (#22), Naughty BoyLa La La” (#29). In celebration of all his recent success, JonALisBlog.com is giving one lucky winner a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Sam Smith take the legendary Apollo Theater Stage in NYC on June 17 plus a copy of his long-awaited debut album, In The Lonely Hour. Two runners-up will also win an album – Enter below!

HOW TO ENTER [U.S. entries only] – Contest Ends Thursday (June 12):
Leave a comment below with your full name, email address, and favorite song off In The Lonely Hour.
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Pre-order Sam Smith’s debut album In The Lonely Hour on iTunes NOW!

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  1. Favorite song so far has to be “Not In That Way”!

  2. Ryan L Waterman

    My favorite track has to be “Stay With Me,” but I can’t say I’ve heard a single Sam Smith song that I haven’t fallen completely in love with!

  3. My favorite is definitely “Make It To Me.” That song is so beautiful.

  4. Jonathan Molyneaux

    My favorite song has to be “Make it to me”. The perfect match and true love is one of the most beautiful concepts.

  5. Alex Goldschmidt


  6. My favorite song is “Stay With Me”

  7. My favorite song is Like I can!!

  8. Life support! Hard to choose, but can’t get enough of it, (or the album!)

  9. Megan Ice kaala411@aol.com Make it to me

  10. Michael Figueroa

    Favorite song by far is Restart❤

  11. STAY WITH ME is an incredible song! Hope I will get to listen to the rest of Sam’s album with this giveaway. He is such a talented individual with such soul… for a white guy 🙂


  12. Favorite song is the acoustic version of Latch!

  13. Yusef Alsuhaimi
    Favorite song: Stay With Me

  14. OMG! I Wish i would live in USA. This album totally is a masterpiece. I love every single track. But for me, these are the best:
    1. Not in that way
    2. Make it to me
    3. Leave your lover
    4. Good thing
    5. Stay with me
    I really hope he will make the MVs for all of these tracks.

  15. Tucker Johns

    My favorite song is “Like I Can”

  16. Kyle Warner
    Favorite song: I’ve Told You Now

  17. Dennis Yee

    My favorite song is “Life Support”

  18. Nickolas Seitz

    Favorite song: Leave Your Lover

  19. Best song is Make It To Me! My favorite song on his Album, In the Lonely Hour.

  20. Hands down for me the best song is life support it’s so raw and straight with emotion about love.

  21. Brackett Bilodeau

    Favorite song is definitely “Like I Can”

  22. Allen Lim

    favorite song lay me down 🙂

  23. Michael Cadiz: cadizm2@gmail.com

    favorite song… Not In That Way

  24. Andrew Zarzeski
    Leave Your Lover

    Sam Smith is my new favorite artist and I’m dying to see him live! I live in NYC and have been trying to get tickets for weeks. Please pick me!!

  25. Marcio Duarte – marcioduarte@globant.com

    OMG! I’ve been in love with Sam since I first heard Lay Me Down months ago, but if I have to choose a favorite it would definitely be ‘Good Thing’. I can relate to every word of the lyrics, and rumor has it, it’s Sam’s favorite from the album 🙂

    I’m from URUGUAY but I’m currently at San Francisco and will be staying here for a month and a half and I’ve been looking for an excuse to go to NYC, and this would be the perfect one!

  26. Matt Bui

    Favorite Song: “Like I can” and “Reminds me of you”

  27. Alex Ogawa
    Leave Your Lover

  28. Stay with Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. First, what can I say because It’s hard to pick a song this album will slay my life literally,
    however if I had to pick one …

    “Stay With Me ”

    Edward Vargas

  30. Brian Puentes
    loves- ‘Make It to Me’


  31. Robert Salas


    Favorite Song: Restart

  32. Gabriel Romero
    I am OBSESSED with Restart!

  33. Michael Coleman, michaelthecoleman@gmail.com, Stay With Me

  34. Oh dear god take me now! Okay so my name is Matthew Barfield my email is barfieldmb1@gmail.com and my favorite song is a tie between Restart and Life Support.

  35. Like I can – no contest! JC Morales, jcmorales@gmail.com

  36. Caleb Renfro
    My favorite song on the album has to be “Lay Me Down” It fits 100% with the feelings/emotions I am going through right now with my.. . I don’t know what we’re calling each other at the moment. lol

  37. jon delacruz
    “reminds me of you”

  38. Ryan Weaver
    Leave Your Lover

  39. stay with me

  40. Robbie Priore
    like I can

  41. Life Support!

  42. Colby Sanders
    I’ve Told You Now

  43. I’m Not The Only One <3

  44. Lay me Down

  45. Stay With Me
    Got me through my break up

  46. my favorite song has to be latch (acoustic)

  47. Tia Strickland Tiamstrickland@yahoo.com Favorite Song: Lay Me Down

  48. Ryan Letal
    3-way tie: Like I Can, Life Support, and Reminds Me of You (although I am OBSESSED with the entire album)

  49. My favorite song is latch acostic version. It always helped me when I had suicdial thoughts and a really bad urge to cut myself..

  50. Tiffany amaro
    Not in that way!!

  51. Jonathan Chang
    Leave Your Lover

    This song is so incredibly devastating and brings back some memories of me wishing someone would do the same for me.

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