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Neon Jungle Premeire Explosive New Single: ‘Louder’!

With their debut album Welcome to the Jungle just a month away from its release date, Neon Jungle is ready to follow-up with the premiere of “Louder“! Following their UK chart-topping hits “Trouble,” “Braveheart” and “Welcome to the Jungle,” the girls – Shereen, Asami, Jess and Amira – are looking to be taken a little more seriously with the release of “Louder,” which is a epic electro-pop powerhouse ballad complete with crashing drums and a explosive chorus made perfect for radio. While the song is definitely a lot slower than their previous efforts, it’s still packed with energy and power, just in a more subtle way. “Lyrically it’s very relatable, it’s about drowning out feelings and emotions,” the ladies recently expressed. “It’s about not being in control of the way you feel because of someone else and wanting to turn everything up louder to escape that. I think people expected our fourth single to be another dance track but it was always in our plans to release a slower song and surprise people.” Get into it below!

Neon Jungle will release their new single “Louder” on July 21 in the UK!


  • CG Girl

    Love the new single, This is the first time, I’m taking this girl group as serious contenders! I hope they will stick with a more pop-soul sound, this is the genre where they seem to thrive best. However, for this type of song, I wish that they would have showcased Amira vocals more. Her type of voice works well for this genre.

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