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Nicole Scherzinger Premieres New Single ‘Your Love’!

After announcing her departure from The X Factor UK, Nicole Scherzinger returns to her musical roots with the premiere of her new single “Your Love“! The track will serve as the official lead single off her upcoming sophomore solo album, which is due out later this year via Sony Music and RCA Records. Produced by The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, “Your Love” is an infectious, upbeat number that perfectly blends elements of urban-pop with the song’s smooth synth work, hypnotic dance beat, and insanely catchy hook that goes “ooh, ooh do do do-do do, ooh.” It’s very 90’s with a modern 2014 twist, which is certainly a triumph for Nicole, who’s always been a hit or miss when it comes to her solo work. “Your Love” doesn’t sound like any other song out right now and that’s always a plus in my eyes. I don’t see it doing well in the states but I’m confident in knowing the UK will eat this up – I’m totally digging it. What do you guys think?

Nicole Scherzinger will release her new single “Your Love” in the UK on July 13!


  • Miles

    I just can’t stand her. She’s just so unlikable. Anyway. I am trying to listen to this with an open mind (trying). I honestly am not crazy over it. It’s not a bad song. It’s just not all that GREAT.

  • Muzikgod

    This song sucks and should totally flop here in North America. For a first single of her new album it’s not that good, hopefully there’s better songs than this.

  • xoxo

    Is this like second hand Cheryl Cole? I know Nicole has talent but she needs to create her own sound and stop trying to be Rihanna with her music. None of her solo work sounds like a hit and she still can’t break into the US market despite being an American artist. Says a lot.

  • cruz

    It’s odd why she struggles as a solo artist, she’s hot, can actually sing, is an amazing dancer…is it the material? Her song Right There is the JAM.

    Do people not realize she sang every PCD song that went to the top? It’s like they have no idea it’s the same thing.

  • d

    Seriously. Bye. How many singles is she going to release without even the slightest success to even launch a FULL ALBUM?!?! This is the most forgettable, trite song ever.

  • Rhys

    I just can’t figure Nicole. I never liked her, purely on the basis that she’s more or less the sole reason PCD split. Her solo career really hasn’t taken off, and she makes more money per annum from her commercials than she does off her music. She’s just a wash-out, and this song is no different.

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