Music Videos,  Premiere & Cody Wise Do It for the Vine in ‘It’s My Birthday’ Video!

Just one week after making its official debut, unleashes the music video for “It’s My Birthday” featuring Cody Wise! Directed by Ben Mor, the clip sees the 39-year-old entertainer and his protege recreating memorable Vine videos in 44 six second clips of original re-imaginings featuring some of the biggest Vine and YouTube stars including: Giovanni Watson, DeStorm Power, King Bach, Alpha Cat, and Jerry Purdrank. It’s one big party from start to finish, a fun and creative visual to go along with the mediocre pop cut. Watch below!

BUY’s latest single “It’s My Birthday” w/ Cody Wise on iTunes NOW!


  • Jon

    Another utterly generic “beat” with lyrics that are nothing but cliche after cliche. This formula worked well for him 10 years ago with the Black Eyed Peas, but it now feels almost painful to listen to. Used to be a big fan….

  • Jon

    Literally: “I’m gon’ turn up, We can turn up, We can take it higher. We can burn up, We can burn up, Set this place on fire. Ooh it’s hot, Damn it’s hot, Ooh it’s hot, oh baby. I won’t stop, You won’t stop, We gon’ get real crazy!” lolol

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