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Mariah Carey Drops Disco Flavored ‘You Don’t Know What to Do’

Just last week, Mariah Carey premiered her brand-new single “Thirsty” days before hitting the stage outside of The Today Show as part of their Summer Concert Series. There the legendary diva also debuted her brand-new collaboration with Wale, “You Don’t Know What to Do“! Now the studio version of their summery duet has arrived via The Russ Parr Morning Show. Produced by longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri, “You Don’t Know What to Do” is a bouncy and joyous disco-soul number packed with a thumping beat and soaring strings. This is the Mariah that I’ve always loved: feel-good vibes, effortless vocals, and catchy melodies. It’s a shame this wasn’t released earlier into the Me. I Am Mariah…The Elusive Chanteuse campaign – the song is undeniably a smash. I can’t get enough of it. What do you guys think?

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  • Mary

    A classic Morales remix of this would be nice! Agree with Nick though, The rap really ruins the song and its getting tired!

  • Muzikgod

    Undeniably a smash?? Not even close and will be lucky to reach the top 20! JonAli’s track record for songs he thinks will be huge are horrible and this is another song that will not be a hit!

    • JonAli

      Haha oh child, relax. The song isn’t even a single. It’s a smash in the sense that it will be a highlight on the album. No one gets anywhere by being a negative nancy 😉

      • Muzikgod

        I’m no child, I’m 37 fucktard. Your reviews almost always suck and you can’t take the heat! If you can’t take negative views then get off the internet!! Smash = highlight of the album, nice retrack and btw you can move forward with negative results. 🙂

        • JonAli

          I’ve been running this site for almost 8 years now. If negative comments affected me then I’m pretty sure I would’ve quit a long time ago. Thanks for the hits though <3

        • SIGH.

          Wow, someone forgot to take their meds today..

          Try taking a extra large dose of “calm the F down”..
          If you don’t like the site n JonAli so much, why are you still on here?

  • Michael

    This entire era is an atrocious mess!!! This is turning into another glitter/charm bracelet fiasco. This should teach Mariah that she needs to try something NEW starting with the pose on her album cover…

  • Drew

    Glitter much?

    Does anyone really see this song going anywhere? I don’t even think it serves as a good buzz single. Another track that Mariah shares with a rapper. Nothing original….nothing to see here. Move along. Next.

  • Solostar1

    So much hate on this track because they know it will smash..No one even close to the greatness of Mariah Carey. This track is on FIRE and on par with the music on the radio!!!!Watch out haterzzz!!!

  • JJ

    Ugh. Another lackluster preview of this album. Is “#Beautiful” going to be the strongest track on this collection? Heard that “One More Try” is a cover of the George Michael hit. That would have been a more interesting preview. I feel like Mariah is lost in a vortex. She poses for these ridiculous photographs that are photoshopped to death and then shows up on TODAY and DAVID LETTERMAN at her real weight–40 pounds heavier!

    • Darren

      I don’t really think the album cover is photoshoppped… remember all these photos were probably taken last year around the same time as when #Beautiful came out and when her album was supposed to be released. And at that time she was in really good shape.

  • xCloudii

    Actually I find the song pretty good too. And even if i’m not a big fan of Wale, the rap isn’t that bad at all !

  • mike

    I really think that Mariah carey needs to lose weight. Not because I have a problem with fat women. It’s just because of the way she dresses. Everything looks too tight.

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