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Kylie Minogue: ‘I Was Gonna Cancel’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Kylie Minogue‘s latest music video for “I Was Gonna Cancel“! The Pharrell Williams-produced track serves as the third official single off her twelfth studio album Kiss Me Once, which is available in stores everywhere now via Warner Bros. Records. In the clip, the Australian diva simply stands in a moving crowd of people and makes various dance movements while serving a simple yet sophisticated look. “This video is an abstract look at pedestrian life and how we’re all just trying to get through and rise above everyday challenges,” Kylie said in a statement. “Although the song talks about a real life event that happened the day I recorded the song with Pharrell, the video has a more conceptual approach and I love how surreal it looks. I found myself almost directing traffic and it made me think about how we’re all just trying to negotiate our way through day to day life.” It’s kind of a strange concept but I get what she was trying to do. Anyway.. What do you guys think?

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  • Drew

    Is iot just me or is everything in this 2014 Kylie era just bland and totally boring. A 45 year old woman standing around in Mom jeans while extras walk around behind her. There’s a groundbreaking concept.

    You were gonna cancel? Maybe you should have Kylie….

  • Jasmine

    What do yall expect? She signed with Roc Nation last year and these cheap videos are the results of that bad decision. A 45 year old with a 25 year professional music career should no better than to put herself in a situation with a label and management company that does not “get” her artistry. Same goes for Shakira.

  • Adam Alter

    Actually, I really enjoyed this video and it’s simplicity. It’s all about style here…from the type of film stock used to the clothing to the style in which it was shot which is meant to have a 70s exploitation vibe. Maybe it doesn’t do it for some of you but it did it for me!

  • Rebobbie

    I think it’s great that unlike Madonna, she knows she’s 45 and isn’t trying to desperately to be 25. Not my favourite song of hers ever, but it’s decent and an ok video.

  • Mary

    First watch I got a little dizzy but I like it! Different from anything else out there right now!
    Her look is very reminiscent of the Rhythm of Love era. And and if anyone can bring Mom Jeans back into fashion it’s KYLIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I kinda feel like she only released an album because she was on the voice and could promote it.
    Same as Cheryl Cole as she is back on the X Factor and suddenly is bringing a new album out.
    The public aren’t stupid, we know when there is no heart in something.

  • rb83

    I don’t know about this video.. it’s just…OK. Yes, it’s different from everything out there at the moment but it’s nothing special. What happened to amazing videos like ‘Slow’ and ‘Come Into My World’?
    This song is garbage..she should have released something like Sexy Love or Les Sex. Les Sex is incredibly catchy and would be stuck in people’s heads all day. That’s criteria for a great single! This is just a rubbish song with a rubbish video.

  • CG Girl

    As much as I love Kyle and like her music; I just feel the more she keeps making music, it continues to go drop in quality. Speaking on this, the song is okay to clean up to or play as background music, but it won’t make it on the radio, unless we go back to the 1980’s! That’s how dated it sounds!

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