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Eminem Reunites with His Mother in ‘Headlights’ Video Premiere!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Eminem shines a light on his relationship with his mother Debbie Mathers in the emotional video for “Headlights” featuring fun. frontman Nate Ruess. The track serves as the official fifth single off his eighth studio album The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is available in stores now via Interscope Records. Directed by Spike Lee, the clip sees Em explaining his past through letters and a photo album featuring snapshots of his childhood. “I really love the narrative for what we’ve come up together for ‘Headlights,’ because it’s a great, great story,” Spike expressed. “It’s heartfelt. There’s some pain in it, but that’s life. So that’s why we’re here – back in the hood, 8 Mile, Detroit, shooting where all this took place.” If you’ve followed Eminem‘s career throughout the years, then you already know that his relationship with his mother has been a complicated one. It’s nice to see things are finally working out. What do you guys think?

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  • alfiemex

    i am homosexual i am from mexico, this is my story, forgive me if my english isn’t as good as you spected:

    five years ago, my mom was notice that i was gay in the stupid way, i left my pc on, when i was taking a shower, then my hole world has changed… two hole years theres no day that in my house i was fighting, everyone was screaming at me, id try to have a girlfriend but i was to stupid be with a girl without my boyfriend, my brother punch me in my face, in two years i was all over tired, id try to suicide me, i was in hospital a hole month, my mom never visited me, until the last day: she said that “we need to miss us” “you need to go far” my mom didn’t resist that i was no longer at home with her and her new housband (that he was a bad person, he punched and make a baby with my mom but he never visit him, violence everywhere) i was left with only ten dollars in my pocket, my mom didn’t resist my left, she was sick of heart, and i was alone in christmas in my grandma house, but my grandma already was dead, and my mom never search for me, then she died, i don’t even notice that, i was living a stupid, drug, promiscuos life, even in christmas day… i never said good bye for her, i am back whit my brothers and sisters and they love me as i who i am, and now i support them work him, im the man of a small house… i work everyday for 3 brothers, (two midle brothers) i hope she will be proud of me for who i am, and think that always been ok… i miss her, i hope she missed me at least one day at month…. this song bring me five years ago and now im crying like a girl… i hope she will have me in a good perspection (forgive me for my stupid english)

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