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Jennifer Lopez: ‘First Love’ Single Premiere!

Jennifer Lopez wasn’t scheduled to premiere her new single “First Love” until tomorrow (May 1) but it has now surfaced online and you can listen to it a day early – Woot! The track serves as the official second single off her upcoming eighth studio album, which is scheduled to hit stores on June 17 via Capitol Records. Co-written and produced by legendary hitmaker Max Martin, “First Love” is a upbeat pop jam packed with hard-hitting drums, twinkling syths, and a explosive hook that has J.Lo singing “I wish you were my first love ‘cause if you were first there wouldn’t have been a second, third or fourth love.” The song is undeniably infectious and it hits hard from the jump, but that was expected considering Max has his name all over this. It progresses nicely and doesn’t necessarily sound like anything else we’ve heard from her – I’m totally into it. What do you guys think?

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  • JJ

    I wanted to love this. It’s okay, but I don’t hear hit single. Was excited about Max’s collaboration with her but he seems to have reserved his best material for Katy Perry, Maroon 5, etc. Worried about this album because none of the advance tracks (Girs, Same Girl, I Luh Ya Papi, now this) have made any impact.

  • Jimmy

    The hook really isn’t bad, but I think this could have come a bit harder since it is a single. This seems like one of those album tracks that I might talk to my friends about, but just never gets radio play.

  • Fouad

    I like it she did a good job on it! 🙂

    By the way, could you please update OUT THIS MONTH of MAY 2014?

  • MusicManDave

    I really like this direction for J-LO. Max gives it his special touch and hope it becomes a hit for the POP DIVA!

  • BeachPlease

    This song is her nasal singing, with no tune, the lyrics are so meaningless and just the same. She sounds the best when she is auto-tuned or where the beat is bigger, Like on the floor. She does get a good after several misses every few years.

  • Ty

    This grew on me a lot. My only critique is the words in the chorus… For some reason it doesn’t flow well to me. I think the two “love”s are to close together. “I wish you my first love, cause if you were first baby there woulda been no second, third, or fourth love.” They needed to use another word after “fourth”

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