Brooke Candy Delivers Crazy Major Label Debut Single ‘Opulence’!

After spending the last year or so dropping outrageous videos and collaborating with the likes of Grimes and Charli XCX, Brooke Candy is ready to breakout in a big way with her new single titled “Opulence,” her first offering since scoring a deal with RCA Records. The track will serve as the lead single off the 24-year-old stripper-turned-rapper’s upcoming debut EP, which is scheduled for release on May 5. Written and produced by Brooke herself along with Diplo, Sia, and Xaphoon Jones, “Opulence” is a hip-hop infused pop number packed with a clap-heavy beat and rapid-fire verses that pay homage to cult documentary Paris Is Burning. The beat kicks hard and Brooke serves enough attitude to pull off the unapologetically bratty debut so I’m pretty convinced. But if you think the song is already a bit much than you won’t be a fan of the accompanying Steven Klein-directed, Nicola Formichetti-styled music video. It’s all very raunchy, satanic, and aggressively in-your-face – You’ve been warned! What do you guys think?

BUY Brooke Candy’s major label debut single “Opulence” on iTunes NOW!


  1. Jae

    This video is the EPITOME of the songs title: Opulence. Its literally, figuratively, and metaphorically opulent in every way. LOVE IT, I cant wait to see what else Home Girl has up her g-string!

  2. Malcolm Starchild

    This video is sick, very sick……I do believe in pushing the envelope.But to show the artist killing somebody over money. Then you try to justify her killing him by using the line ” I Only want my 1000.00 $ ” . Is just crazy and very poor judgment !

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