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Ariana Grande: ‘Problem’ feat. Iggy Azalea – Single Premiere!

After debuting the song at the Radio Disney Music Awards over the weekend, Ariana Grande premieres the studio version of her new single “Problem” featuring Iggy Azalea! The track serves as the official lead single off her upcoming sophomore album, which is scheduled for release later this year via Republic Records. Packed with blaring horns, a hard-hitting beat, and Big Sean‘s infectious whispering hook, “Problem” proves to be a welcomed change of pace for the ballad-heavy Nickelodeon diva. It’s undeniably the strongest radio offering we’ve heard from Ariana yet and it’s unlike anything we’ve heard from her on her 90’s-flavored debut Yours Truly – I’m already obsessed with it. Ariana clearly isn’t playing games this time around and considering the song is already #1 on iTunes, it should have no problems becoming another mega-hit like “The Way“. Listen below!!

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  • ***Lotus

    Hope Ariana doesn’t get too slutty this album! It’s been done to death, I thought she was gonna take the sultry and sexy route, not knee high boots, vag basically hanging out.

    That aside, Yours Truly was one of the best albums of last year, her voice is flawless! I hope she is around for years to come, but def hope she keeps the fact she is a role model in her mind. Next to Miley she will still look classy, I guess.

    • Boy_Ragdoll

      Ariana is pictured in thigh high socks and high heels ( not any slutty knee high boots ) and as for her bag hanging out of her shorts.. if you know about a woman’s anatomy you would know that is not possible.

  • truth

    obviously the dancing wasn’t where she excelled at, however, she definitely looked way too cute for a “stiff” dancer. why not focus on the obvious here: her vocals are off the roof. People are ignorant and they will hate and say all buncha sad comparable stuff like: “she’s copying Mariah” as if Mariah were the only great vocalist whoever had a groundbreaking voice. really, just stop trying to make “it” happen. hate away, this girl is number one, again. way to go, kid!

    • cruz

      not knocking her voice and yea she’s beyond cute – just sayin, if you’re gonna dance you better put way more work in.

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