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Katy Perry is Queen Prankster in ‘Birthday’ Video Premiere!

Katy Perry is unrecognizable as a series of characters in the just-released music video for “Birthday“! The track serves as the fourth official single off her third studio album PRISM, which is available in stores now via Capitol Records. Directed by Marc Klasfeld, the clip sees the 29-year-old singer transform herself into her alter egos Goldie “The Dancer”, Yosef Shulem “The MC”, Kriss “The Clown”, Ace “The Animal Trainer” and Princess Mandee to attend various birthday parties undercover. I have to say she has me sold on this one, the costumes are undeniably hysterical and Katy pulled off the characters like a seasoned pro. You’ve got to see it. What do you guys think?

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  • jesse

    Katy Perry’s music video for birthday proves once again how corny and childish her image is. it’s the fact that she’s almost 30 singing and dancing with 5 year olds I can’t get into.

    • Ky

      Oh lighten up! She’s someone who is out to have fun & doesn’t take herself too seriously. I think she’s hilarious & fun. She seems like someone who would be awesome to have around. I hope she never changes.

    • Jasmine

      I see your point. I think there is nothing wrong with it but she should mix it up. I can’t get into her videos either because I find them a bit too childish / “parody-ish” for me. She should do different types of videos so that her appeal can broaden. I understand her wanting to have some type of theme in her work while others rely on sex appeal too much over and over so a lot of people will like an artist that relies on other ways to market themselves besides sex.

  • Trust

    JESSE – you’re a hater. The video was a candid camera. Artists can have multigenerational fans. It’s called being a international superstar.

  • Gustaf

    This just show how much fun she is. What other artist would do this? After this I think we might see some copycats tho.. But I love it. The characters are so well made and everything is perfect. Hope to see more of them just like Kathy Beth 😉

  • Mike

    Katy Perry is a free spirit. Sometimes she’s serious and sophisticated, but she loves her wild side just as much. I really want to see Katy Perry collaborate with some other pop divas!

  • James

    Just another katy perry video. They are all the same. Don’t understand how people can call her an artist???? The only thing she has to do is show up. Everything is put together and done for her, just like Britney Spears.

    • Saboya

      Almost all of the commercial pop stars of today are basically puppets with constructed personas and little to no say in their actual music. You can’t necessarily call someone like Katy a true artist however the simple fact that she put on a show at all these birthday parties (staged or not) in various different costumes & personas highlight a certain level of effort put forth to make this video entertaining, proving she did a lot more than just “show up”

  • Saboya

    This Katy era has been a disastrous mess
    It really doesn’t get any more reductive & banal than Roar, Dark Horse & basically the entire album

    That said, this song has to be the best song off of the entire album. While still a far-cry from anything on Teenage Dream or even OOTB, & definitely not an emulation of Mariah Carey (or at least a good one) as she claimed this song was, it’s still pretty damn catchy & this video was the icing on the cake (get it?). She finally brought back the quirkiness present in videos like TGIF or Hot N Cold & I enjoyed every minute of it.

    Way to go Katy!

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