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Pharrell Williams: ‘Marilyn Monroe’ Video Premiere!

While lead single “Happy” is still sitting pretty atop the charts, Pharrell Williams delivers the music video for “Marilyn Monroe“! The track serves as the second official single off his sophomore solo album G I R L, which is available in stores now via Columbia Records. In the clip, the 40-year-old hitmaker celebrates the different women of the world as he joins them in various set-ups with heavily-choreographed scenes by Fatima Robinson. Kelly Osbourne also makes a cameo, delivering her line on the song and its all quite wonderful really. “Marilyn Monroe” may not have been my choice for the next single but the song is definitely a grower and should do well for him following “Happy.” What do you guys think?

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  • Monroe

    At 3:53 the third girl in from the center on the right side messes up the choreography and they kept it in there. Am I the only one who noticed? Other than that I really liked the video! It just definitely stood out visually to me… hahah.

  • EL

    This visual is very captivating. It pulls you in and makes you really appreciate the song.

    His album truly gets better with every listen.

    I hope Gust of Wind and Lost Queen get visual treatments.

  • James

    Pharrell Williams looks of fucking stupid in this sad attempt at music and a music video.

    And using an actress with an tragic death, to sell more records/albums/singles is pathetic. The song has nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe, just anther name, to sell Pharrell’s “music”.

  • Mike

    … and it’s working out nicely JAMES. Pharrell gives back power to women in this song, stating simply, that not everyone (and possibly your lover) that you meet is the iconic image of that in the movies, or the fairy tale ending of what Hollywood makes it out to be. Sometimes, freedom of expression is more powerful when it’s unique.

    The video is basic, but visually stimulating. The music speaks for itself.

    • Tiffany

      As a woman how is Pharrell giving back power to us? This music video and the lyrics of the song itself actually degrades, judges and objective women base on their looks. So how is that giving back power? I agree with James.

    • Britney

      And as a woman, you should know better. The song has nothing to do with Marilyn Monroe, she herself was in the lyrics ONE time. Using Marilyn Monroe as a title of a song is using her image and brand to sell a song, that has nothing to do with her as an actress, singer and woman. This song was just named Marilyn Monroe to get more play time and to sell. In the end it’s disrespectful to her image and brand. I feel sorry for you, no clue, poor thing!

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