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Lily Allen: ‘Sheezus’ – Watch the Music Video Now!

With the release of her third studio album just two weeks away, Lily Allen finally shares the official title track “Sheezus“! The song will be released on April 22 as the final iTunes countdown single for Sheezus before it drops on May 5 via Parlophone and Warner Bros Records. Produced by DJ Dahi, “Sheezus” is a slick and chilled-out little pop ditty packed with a infectious skipping beat and Lily‘s typical nursery rhyme-inspired chorus that mentions some of her fellow pop mates like Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Lorde. The song was apparently set to be a single but was later declined by her label after being too controversial. “I would have liked to see [the song] ‘Sheezus’ as a single, but it’s not up-tempo enough. It’s also got the word ‘period’ in it, which is really offensive to people – even though half the world has to deal with it once a month,” Lily told Rolling Stone. “I think that ‘period’ is going to be my ‘surfboard’,” she said, referring to controversial lyrics in Beyoncé’s recent hit ‘Drunk in Love’. “It’s groundbreaking! I’m proud of that … People will wear sweatshirts to my concerts that are just going to say ‘period’.”

Pre-order Lily Allen’s third studio album Sheezus (Deluxe Edition) on iTunes now!


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