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Avril Lavigne: ‘Hello Kitty’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Avril Lavigne‘s latest music video for “Hello Kitty“! While her self-titled fifth studio album may be her lowest-selling record to date, that’s not stopping the 29-year-old singer from servicing the dubstep-influenced “Hello Kitty” as her latest single in Asia where the album is actually selling. As for the video, it’s basically just Avril trolling around various Tokyo hot spots and getting drunk on sake. There was obviously not much of a budget here but I think Avril turned it out as much as she could. What do you guys think?

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  • Mo

    I love Avril Lavigne. I feel like this self titled album is one of the best pop records of 2013, but it was soo poorly managed and marketed. That being said, love the video, it’s cute and cheeky.

    Weird that there is not even one hello kitty cameo. Copyright issues?

  • Idolized101

    Yes so Strange no Hello Kitty.

    I feel like this is such a cheap video. I Love avril and this is my favourite song but this is horrible. Why do I feel like if Gwen Stefani did this music video it would be amazing.

    What happened to you Avril.

  • mary

    This has to be one of the worst songs and videos that has assaulted my senses ever!!!!!!!! So TIRED, LAME And not to mention Racist!!!! Average Lavigne needs to stick a Nickel back up her butt and go away!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jasmine

    When I think of Hello kitty I think of a sexy song. This song is crap and the video reminds me too much of Gwen Stefani’s “Harajuku Girls”.

  • Alec

    I love her and I think the entire album is amazing minus this song.. I really think it is lyrically stupid.. I think overall the video is cute but I want a different single. Like Hush Hush or Give You What You Like instead.

  • Mike

    The dubstep is weak and underwhelming. The song is addicting and cheeky, but It needs a cut throat tribal/house dance break. I understand why it’s trending in the Asian pop community. Super creative!

  • rebecka

    This video is cut but it is very addicting and i cant stop watching it so this is a huge problem. and this shows everyone that no matter how old you are you can love HELLO KITTY

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