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Wrathschild: ‘Fall Into Love’ Video Premiere!

After premiering the song last month, Wrathschild unleash the official music video for debut single “Fall Into Love“! The JB Ghuman Jr-directed clip follows the electric-pop duo – Simon Curtis and Ro “Wolfy” Danishei – as they adventure through Los Angeles and hit the beach in this free spirited and whimsical visual for their lead offering. Everything from the vibrant colors to the fun hair-whipping bit towards the end works incredibly well in this video and completely captures the care-free, romantic vibe of the song. It’s hard to find something to not like about it – I love it. What do you guys think?

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  • Janus

    Not a fan of the onesie… What’s weird is simon’s actually a good singer (not so much that girl) but the hipster band name, the cheesy faces and 1D-esq song just doesn’t cut it for me. I’m expecting better from him. I was hoping the formation of this duo would produce something new and different from Simon, instead he’s doing the same thing. The need to take themselves a bit more seriously, work hard on lyrics and have the visuals on point if they’re gonna make an impression.

  • mikey

    I actually like the song and love the video. My only problem is that she’s way hotter than Simon, he looks like a 15 year boy (and don’t say focus on the music, because they clearly are an image-conscious band) Still like them nonetheless.

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