Florrie Premieres ‘Free Falling’ from Upcoming ‘Sirens’ EP!

After unleashing the bhangra-inspired “Seashells” back in February, English singer-songwriter Florrie returns with a thrilling new track entitled “Free Falling“! The track is the second we’ve received from her upcoming Sirens EP, a three-track set accompanied by three music videos set for release on April 27 via Sony Music Entertainment. “Free Falling” is a strutting, mesmerizing pop number packed with shiny synths, pulsating drums, and an extremely addictive hook: “Here I am I sing the verse, sing the verse. It’s upside down and in reverse, in reverse” – it’s undeniably the best part of it all. Check out the accompanying visual below and stay tuned for the third and final track from Sirens. What do you guys think?


  1. Mike

    I love how comfortably direct she is with her dispositions. The hook is simple, but catchy and repeats in canons, layered with verses! Beats sick! Kind of moody, but flavorful. Thumbs up!

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