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Kelis: ‘Rumble’ Video Premiere!

With just one month left until the release of her new record, Kelis premieres the official music video for “Rumble“! It’s the second visual we’ve received from her upcoming studio album titled Food, which is due out on April 22 via independent label Ninja Tune. The clip sees the 34-year-old singer dressed in a red leather jacket, camouflage pants, and muck boots, as she takes a seat in the middle of a lake and performs the entire song. Throughout the three-and-a-half-minute clip some random things make their way into the frame, but Kelis does not flinch. It’s certainly different but it has this undeniable sweet charm to it. What do you guys think?

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  • Jasmine

    I like the song but not the video. I think that if she is trying to put out a single for her album after the first one flopped then it needs to be more catchy and the video (regardless of a tight budget) should be catchy. This song sounds like a great song to be on her album. I like the lyrics but if she wants to move this song as a single then the video needs to be hot.

  • Brooklyn

    I think the biggest problem with music right no is that everybody wants a visual but, indie labels can’t always afford a cost effective tight video. Kelis is an example of what happens when you go through ups and downs in the industry. Great songs but, lack of promotional base.

  • GSF

    I actually really love the video.

    I’m a die hard Kelis fan so there is somewhat of a bias, but I think the visuals are stunning and both her music videos this era have been shot on tight budgets but they work with the sound she’s going for.

    As far as lack of promotion goes, I don’t even think that’s the main focus. She’s on an small British indie label now and she’s focusing on other things like her cooking, raising her son. Major promo campaigns probably aren’t even of the highest priority

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