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Lady Gaga: ‘G.U.Y.’ Video Premiere – Watch Now!

After taking some time away from the spotlight to work on her upcoming artRAVE Tour, Lady Gaga finally premieres the music video for “G.U.Y.“! The track serves as the third official single off her latest studio album ARTPOP, which is available everywhere now via Interscope Records. Filmed in the historical Hearst Castle, the clip features everything from synchronized swimming, fierce choreography, hot men in speedos, to even cameos from the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. An extravagant affair from start to finish and I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. Get into it above!

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  • Carlos Perez

    No one makes videos like her. She keeps pop interesting. Here’s where I forgive her for never releasing the video for Do What U Want

    • Michael

      YAAAAAAAAs she just ALWAYS bring the house down, this is theatre, art, everything. Everything is designed and fresh. The visuals….just give me life.

  • Sean

    Would have been so much cleaner with a shorter intro and without the RHOBH and Andy. The GUY portion is stunning. She looks fantastic. Love the colors, the choreography, the concept. Overall, still a win.

    • Jasmine

      I thought the RHOBH were used for comedy and I like how they omitted Brandi (the annoying one from the show). The dancing was nice but I would like her to learn some new routines because those are the same old dance routines she always uses with a little bit of Beyonce mixed in.

      Also, I think she should have just started her tour early rather than trying to put out that video with R. Kelly unless she purposely wanted her album sales to drop. I respect that she wants more creative control over her career.

  • Mark

    It happened with this one the same thing that happens with all her latest videos, she wants to go in so many different ways, she made it boring and confusing. I loved the first half, and that´s it. Why don´t save something for later, and release more videos, her telephone was epic, paparazzi great, but these two last albums, great songs and boring videos, and I say this loving Gaga, and because I luv her, I ask more from her

  • Maddox Lenair

    This is just bad!!!! Im gay and even i hated it. I dont like how she’s desperately using “the gays” to put herself back on the map. The “concept” and choreo are TIRED and beyond forced. It comes off as very Kanye…and thats NOT a good thing. Its sad to say, but i dont see this song/video going anywhere. She should have scrapped this album, took some time off and come back in two years or so…….

  • ***Lotus

    Ugh Fucking Haters.

    You can’t say this video wasn’t beautiful, expensive looking and epic!!! It was a massive step up from “Applause”

    The “G.U.Y.” video has a great storyline. GaGa as a fallen angel, Men fighting over money, making war and genetic engineering, religious aspects, comedy, and a good mix of conspiracy theories thrown in. The perfect GaGa video!

  • ***LOTUS

    To the GaGa haters:

    If you don’t like this “G.U.Y” video or at least appreciate it’s high quality content….

    What POP artist is putting videos out with the great looking quality AND interesting talking points you and your friends can dicuss AKA what her message was?

    Katy’s cartoon esque “Dark Horse” video? Beyonce rolling around (in black and white *yawn*) on a beach? Fuck outta here… what pop act is making videos with message and interesting visuals??

    • Jasmine

      No need to address “haters.” If you like Gaga’s music and videos then good for you. People sound dumb when they call other people “haters” for having a difference in opinion. That is the same as someone calling another person a “stan” or “puppet” for liking a certain artist. Just do you and be confident enough to not need validation or agreement from others to like whatever you like.

  • Carlos

    As long as her followers keep consuming any crap she launches without any criticism, and claiming that to be ‘art’, she won’t rry any better. I am sorry, but that’s what I think. And I also think pop isn’t about trying too hard, so many times ‘keep it simple’ is for the best. She is so talented, she doesn’t need to prove anything, please lady Gaga search inside you and bring out what made you are the star you are now! I just watched your video once and that’s it, I don’t feel like watching it again, and I love the songs. Kylie videos, to give an example, are more simple, and I don’t get tired of watching them. I don’t hate, I love Gaga, so please don’t blame people to be haters, and listen with an open mind to what we thing about her, because accepting the critics help you grow better.

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