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Song of the Week: Rixton ‘Me and My Broken Heart’

This weeks Song of the Week comes from rising British band Rixton! After grabbing everyone’s attention with buzz track “Make Out,” the Manchester natives – Jake Roche, Danny Wilkin, Charley Bagnall, and Lewi Morgan – finally unleash their official debut single “Me And My Broken Heart“! Produced by hit-maker Benny Blanco, “Me and My Broken Heart” is a super sleek and infectious pop number packed with a guitar-driven beat, smooth melodies, an one hell of an earworm chorus. It’s a little like the soulful pop sounds of Maroon 5 and Bruno Mars, but Rixton are able to pull it off effortlessly and make it sound fresher. “Me And My Broken Heart” also serves as the lead single off their upcoming EP of the same title, which is due out March 18 via Interscope Records. GET FAMILIAR NOW!



  1. Chorus mirrors “Lonely No More” by Rob Thomas. Still infectious, though.

    1. Thank you !!! ^^ I was trying to find the song it sounded like ! =D

      1. Nice try but no he didn’t. They’re gonna get sued soon.

    2. Definitely a rip off. Shame on em. Shame on “The Voice” for having them.

  2. Total rip off of Rob Thomas. Except much much less appealing. Super whiney.

    1. It was co-written by Rob Thomas.

  3. Total rip off of Rob Thomas. Except much much less appealing. Super whiny.

  4. how is this allowed… its “lonely no more” all the way… all he has lef t to say is …i dont wanna be lonely anymore oh ooh ohhh.. ooh ohhh ….etc

  5. Top 40 preteen appealing rip off

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