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Iggy Azalea & Charli XCX: ‘Fancy’ Video Premiere!

Iggy Azalea channels her inner Cher Horowitz in the premiere of her latest music video for “Fancy” featuring Charli XCX! The track serves as the latest single off her upcoming debut album The New Classic, which is scheduled for release on April 14 via Mercury and Island Def Jam. The X-directed clip sees the 23-year-old Australian diva paying homage to the 1995 cult classic Clueless as she rules the halls of Beverly Hills High School, the same school where Clueless was originally filmed. From the wardrobe to the epic freeway scene, the visual stays on point from beginning to end. Iggy has always been able to turn out a solid visual and this one’s certainly no exception. LOVE IT! What do you guys think?

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  • Shane

    I’m just waiting for Iggy to disappoint, and I think I’ll be waiting for a veryyyy long time. This girl is smart, creative, talented, and beautiful. Among a whole shit ton of other positive adjectives.

    Love the video! Pulled at all the right heart strings with this one.

  • ***Lotus

    GREAT video. Iggy is beautiful as usual.

    This sadly, I’m sorry, is her worst song ever.
    IGNORANT ART EP (feat. Pussy and My World)
    were her best works

    “FANCY” sounds too much like “TRAPGOLD” her super weird dance sounding mixtape. The beats are just all over the place. Her rhymes on “Fancy” aren’t slick & fast enough (like on WORK) to make up for the beat.

    CHARLI XCX adds EVERYTHING to thing songs and drags the listener in… It made me like this song now where I first didn’t download it.

    I’m so mad at T.I. and whatever label she is on for NOT MAKING HER GAGA BIG AT THIS POINT! She has the looks, their is NO COMPETITION as is Nicki is the only one… WHY wasn’t “WORK” and “CHANGE YA LIFE” smashes?

  • Abdullah

    The chorus is just so weak. Don’t think I’ll replay this song ever again. Listening to it once took forever.

  • shane

    Iggy is versatile. She has only ever released nothing less than great efforts. Work and Change Your Life should have been smashes, but Fancy is perfect to get her universally recognized. Clueless homage was a genius step to insure that. If Fancy will help generate the right kind of attention toward her other work then she has done her job. Rome wasn’t built in a day… I would have hated for Iggy to have gotten Gaga status right away to end up where Gaga stands now in comparison. (Not a dig… Gaga is great.)

    TrapGold was incredible. It was experimental and completely tolerable from start to finish. I would find it difficult to state a song I didn’t like from TrapGold.

    However, I Agree, Ignorant Art and Glory were her best aside from TNC releases.

    I obviously have a hard time seeing failure in anything Iggy does…. I apologize.

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