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Wisin: ‘Adrenalina’ feat. Jennifer Lopez & Ricky Martin – Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Wisin‘s new music video for “Adrenalina” featuring Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin! The track serves as the second official single off the Puerto Rican rapper’s upcoming sophomore solo studio album El Regreso Del Sobreviviente, which is scheduled for release on March 21 via Sony Music Entertainment. The clip sees the trio throw a massive dance party at some underground Thunderdome-esque warehouse as they perform the addictive Latin dance anthem. Jenny shows off her ASSets, Ricky penetrates us with his beauty, and Wisin does his best Pitbull impersonation, and it all magically works and makes it wonderful. It’s not everyday you see so much star power in one video – Get into it above!

BUY Wisin’s new single “Adrenalina” with Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin on iTunes NOW!



  1. Wisin was better with Yandel ! 🙁

  2. OMFG RICKY can take me now. And JLO looks gorgeous as always… LOVE this song!

    1. RIGHT?

  3. Can we push for a Ricky and JLo duet? damn they’re sexy together.

    1. I’m so agree ! They’re so hot together !!

  4. Why hasn’t Ricky Martin gotten into acting? He’s beautiful.

    HOW AMAZING IS IT THAT THIS STRAIGHT HISPANIC RAPPER is CONFIDENT enough to have Ricky Martin on his song and video?! This is ground breaking!

    1. Ricky Martin is HUGE in the Spanish speaking world.
      We always knew he was gay anyway.

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