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Jon ALi Interviews Karmin + ‘I Want It All’ Video Premiere!

Just last week, I was given the chance to talk to exciting genre-bending pop duo Karmin! Building off the success of smash singles like the double-platinum “Brokenhearted” and “Hello,” both of which hit #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart, the duo and real-life engaged couple – consisting of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan – are now preparing the release of their full-length debut Pulses, which hits stores on March 25 via Epic Records. Today, they bring us the premiere of their music video for current single “I Want It All,” on the day they wrap up their headlining Pulses Tour. Check out my interview with Karmin below where they chatted with me about the new album and there amazing fans – Enjoy!

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Jon ALi: Hey guys! How are you doing?

Karmin: We’re doing great. Just arrived in Minneapolis for the Pulses Tour.

Jon ALi: Sweet! I actually go to see you guys at Irving Plaza here in New York a few days ago. I had a great time, you guys were amazing.

Karmin: Thank You! We remember, you came backstage right?

Jon ALi: Yes I did!

Karmin: Yeah, thank you so much for coming.

Jon ALi: Of course! I loved it and I loved watching the crowd and all your fans going crazy. I didn’t realize they went so hard for you guys. Some of them were singing every single word.

Nick: Dude, that’s what surprising us because 60% of the songs we are playing are not even released yet.
Amy: Every city that we’ve played so far, there’s a ton of them that already know the words. I have no idea how that’s happening.

Jon ALi: [Laughs] That’s what I was saying! I figured they must be watching the YouTube videos from the tour or something because they knew all the words for these songs that are not even out yet.

Nick: Yeah they must be. Literally, they are like correcting me while I’m on stage.
Amy: We’re singing the wrong words and they’re singing the right ones. It’s crazy.

Jon ALi: Definitely. How has the rest of the tour been so far?

Nick: The tour has been great. Currently in Minneapolis and its freezing but overall it’s been really good, really exciting.

Jon ALi: Happy to hear it! I’m sure you guys are thrilled to be performing the new material. It’s been over a year since the EP came out and now you have all these new songs to perform. How’s that been?

Amy: Yeah we’ve been loving it. The EP was only seven songs so it was difficult to play for over an hour, we didn’t have that much material, but now we are able to do a lot of these new songs that are actually our favorite stuff we’ve ever written.

Jon ALi: Yes and you have the new single out as well “I Want It All,” I love that song.

Amy: Thank You!
Nick: Yeah, we’re stoked about that one. Trying to bring the funk back!

Jon ALi: Yes! I love that. When can we expect a video?

Nick: Very soon! We shot a couple different versions but it should be out very soon.

Jon ALi: Sweet! Then the album follows next month right?

Amy: Yes, March 25th. We’re actually writing the thank yous now so that is like the next part.

Jon ALi: Hows this experience been opposed to just releasing the EP? Has there been a difference?

Nick: Yes and No. I mean, we did a lot more recording this time around and it’s all just kind of a bigger deal. There’s a lot of stuff out there but we don’t even have a full-length album out. Period. An actual LP, that makes it a lot different.
Amy: It does feel a little like the EP in the sense that we are just as excited about it. This time we have a headlining tour and our feet planted on the ground a little better, I think, so it’s even more exciting.

Jon ALi: No, for sure. I agree. Was there anything you guys wanted to make sure you did this time around?

Nick: Yeah, we wanted to make sure the songs translated. The songs sound best live so we wanted to make sure to capture that same feeling for the official recordings. We wrote more, more vocals, more horns. We are really happy with this group of songs.

Jon ALi: I love that you guys use so much instrumentation. Makes it all better, I think. Were you able to work with different people this time around? Or anyone you wanted to work with and did or didn’t?

Amy: Yeah, I mean I remember when we started recording the album we were all like, “We are going into the studio by ourselves and Nick is going to produce the whole thing.” [Laughs] Then we realized we have a longs way to go, growth wise, to learn how to do everything and there’s still a lot of people we can learn from. So we did end up working with some amazing people on this album. Jon Jon, one of our favorite producers we worked with on the EP, he did “I Told You So” and “Walking on the Moon,” he did two new songs on the new album. We love him. Ryan Williams, who is one of my friends from Berkeley College of Music in Boston, did “I Want It All,” which was so special and we got to write with Ester Dean who is one of our favorite songwriters in the world. We worked with the boys from 3OH!3, which was really cool because they’re a duo also and it turns out our personalities are very similar. That was like a party for three days. We also worked with a lot of underground people. We nailed it out for about a year, it’s been a labor of love.

Jon ALi: Aww nice! I love that you two work with unexpected or unknown people because that gives you guys the chance to deliver something new and fresh. It’s great.

Amy: Absolutely, we are so hoping for that.
Nick: That’s exactly what we want to do. We just tried our best to make something real dope.

Jon ALi: Good good. Well I can’t wait for the album! Is there anything we can expect from you guys in the next couple of weeks?

Amy: Yeah, keep a look out for the “I Want It All” video. We are going to finish up this tour at the end of the month and hopefully more dates will follow in a few months. Touring is our favorite part of this job in general. We love performing live, meeting the fans, signing the autographs. It’s all been so amazing and we appreciate you for being interested and interviewing us.

Jon ALi: Of course! It’s my pleasure. I’m a big music lover and really appreciate what you guys are doing. I love how you guys are involved in everything you do, and that you care a lot about the work you put out. It’s truly great. I respect it all.

Karmin: Thank you so much Jon!

Jon ALi: No problem. Have a great one guys – see you soon!

 photo KarminInterview1_zpsaa3c021d.png
1. Geronimo Intro
2. Pulses
3. Acapella
4. I Want It All
5. Night Like This
6. Neon Love
7. Drifter
8. Tidal Wave
9. Gasoline
10. Puppet
11. Hate To Love You
12. Try Me On
13. What’s In It For Me

Pre-order Karmin’s full-length debut album Pulses starting on February 25th!


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