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Natalia Kills: ‘Trouble’ Video Premiere!

Check out the premiere of Natalia Kills‘ latest music video for “Trouble“! The track, which was produced by Jeff Bhasker, serves as the third official single off her sophomore album Trouble, which is available in stores now via Interscope and Cherrytree Records. The dark clip follows the ups and downs of the 27-year-old English singer’s toxic relationship with her boyfriend, played by actor/model River Hawkins. It’s a bit of an intense visual but considering the subject matter of the song, it works perfectly. “Trouble” has always been a clear favorite of mine so I’m glad it’s getting the single treatment. Keep doing your thang Kills! What do you guys think?

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  2. Hadn’t listened to the song before – even though I bought the album on release – but this is brilliant, she’s went back to her routes and betrays the average english person perfectly

  3. one word: FINALLY!

  4. Ohh !!! =D
    These are the same buildings we could see in “Misfits” !!! So Awesome ! =D
    Very nice song for Natali Kills 😉

  5. So dramatic… And awkward to watch. Is she trying to be Rihanna – We found love?

    It’s a bit outdated and unnecessary to promote drugs and abusive lifestyles….


  6. Haven’t heard this until now.. Really love the song. Haven’t seen this side of her.

  7. Shouldn’t the model be, you know, attractive?

  8. Boring, sts.

  9. very deep video. love love love.

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