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Mariah Carey: ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ Video Premiere!

As promised after debuting the new single earlier this morning, Mariah Carey premieres the official music video for “You’re Mine (Eternal)“! The track serves as the latest single off her upcoming fourteenth studio album, which is scheduled for release on May 8 via Island Records. Directed by Indrani, the clip, which was shot at Puerto Rico’s El Yungue National Rain Forest, features glossy shots of a topless and glitter-covered Mariah singing against a mystic backdrop, while she dreams about being with her man, played by a shirtless Trey Songz. It’s all very glamorous in true Mariah fashion and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The remix video with Trey will premiere on Valentine’s Day on BET’s 106 & Park. What do you guys think?

BUY Mariah Carey’s new single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” on iTunes NOW!
BUY Mariah Carey’s new single “You’re Mine (Eternal)” Remix w/ Trey Songz on iTunes NOW!



  1. zzzzzzzzz…

  2. Love that she went here to film her music video

  3. ….no

  4. I love Mariah, but she simply must stop. How long can she go on with the writhing seductively half naked routine? She’s basically becoming a parody of herself. Not to mention completely boring.

    1. I agree. She used to have a nice body back in 1996 with Butterfly and Honey but she is going to have to find a better way to market herself because no one wants to see a 43+ year old woman with a square body, sloppy boob job, and bloated face trying to seduce them. In the version of with Trey Songz Mariah looks double Trey’s age.

  5. She looks a little constipated!
    & the Butterfly wings are killing me!!!!!
    Like the song though.

  6. Poor Mariah, someone keeps stealing her clothes – she looks so cold all the time

  7. too bad they don’t play her stuff on the radio anymore because her songs are so good and she has more talent in her pinky then most of the posers out there…

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