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G.R.L. Premiere New Buzz Track ‘Show Me What You Got’

After making their official debut last year with their addictive summer anthemVacation,” G.R.L. return with the premiere of a brand-new buzz track entitled “Show Me What You Got“! The track is featured on NOW That’s What I Call Music – Vol. 49, which is available now, as an exclusive bonus track. Written and produced by Dr. Luke, Max Martin and Cirkut, “Show Me What You Got” is an upbeat pop number driven by a thumping dance beat, infectious guitar strums, and a synth-fused ready-radio hook. While its certainly not anything out of this world, I think its a pretty solid offering considering it’s just a promo track – Well done girls!

BUY G.R.L.’s new promo track “Show Me What You Got” on iTunes NOW!


  • patrick

    they toned this down from the version that they did live. The vocals were surprisingly on point for being live! Plus they cut out simone’s huge note at the end. overall two great buzz singles! Can’t wait for the official single. Going to be huge

  • Idolized101

    this track is DOPE! I am in love with this group! SIMONE BATTLE IS THE BEST I LOVED HER. Cant wait for there official single.

  • ***Lotus

    I love their Britney Spears “PERFUME” acoustic cover (check youtube)

    I can’t though, this heavy handed Robin Antin crafted Girl Group image has failed time and time again.

    I LOVED PCD but what where they without Nicole?
    GIRLICIOUS had amazing PCD quality pop, but this “Forever 21” meets prositute look she does with groups is so OFF PUTTING. PCD had a SPICE GIRLS type of sexy/fun styling, but since then it’s all been downhill…

    Look at the photos, posed so far apart. They don’t look like they even like eachother.

    FIFTH HARMONY dress age appropriate, have much better voices and look like they’ve bonded and have actual friendships REMINISCENT of the ACTUAL SPICE GIRLS and aside from the gimicks of each SPICE, the FRIENDSHIP message is what made them so positive and successful world wide in the first place.

    These Robin Antin helmed GIRL GROUPS – G.R.L. included – look like they would murder each other “Hunger Games” style for a solo record, hell or for a solo feature on a Daft Punk bonus track. Too gorgeous, TOO on trend, TOO mainstream. Unrelateable.

    These G.R.L females can sing well though & at least they share vocals.

    • Mary

      GOOD LORD!
      You are taking this way too personally!
      It’s Pop Music for Christ sake! Who cares?! Just accept it for what it is, girl Pop! Thats why there are so many different kinds of girl groups out there, something for everyone,
      Btw Fifth Harmony sucks balls IMO

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