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Paramore: ‘Ain’t It Fun’ Video Premiere!

Paramore set out to break the most world records in the music video for “Ain’t It Fun“! The track serves as the third official single from their self-titled fourth studio album Paramore, which is avaible in stores now via Fueled by Ramen. Directed by Jodeb and produced by Courtney Davies, the clip sees the group beat ten world records throughout the nearly four minute long video. Some of the records include: Fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals while blindfolded for 30 feet; Fastest time to smash 30 clocks with guitars; Longest time spinning record on finger; and Most feathers caught in 30 seconds. Great concept for one of the best songs of the record – I love it! What do you guys think?

BUY Paramore’s self-titled fourth studio album on iTunes NOW!


  • ***Lotus

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING SERIOUSLY! I found out about the new video via your blog!

    HUGE Paramore fan! Loving how they are maintaining momentum, gaining radio play, sales, success, great album reviews nearly ten years since there debut!

    “Ain’t It Fun” deserves to be an in your face & on the radio every hour hit that “STILL INTO YOU” was!

    Imma need Miley to have several seats, in fact take a fucking row of them.
    Hayley is everything Miley tries to hard to be. She just has that genuinely cool factor about her. Can wear a T shirt and her style shines though.

    Hayley has her own unique voice, never lip sings, and has an original hairstyle, flair of dress that is obtainable, and sexy without being crude (a la Miley)

    More young girls need to delete Miley from their ipods and get into Paramore & Hayley.. WAY BETTER influence.

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