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MTV Presents: Miley Cyrus ‘Unplugged’ Performances!

Last night, Miley Cyrus rocked the stage at her very first MTV Unplugged special, and now you can watch every performance from the show right here! Rocking a denim bikini, the 21-year-old pop star sang her heart out, line-danced, and yes, twerked all over the country-themed stage as she performed songs off her fourth studio album Bangerz. The set also included a tribute to her Aunt Dolly Parton, as well as the much-talked about mash-up of her hit “We Can’t Stop” with Madonna‘s “Don’t Tell Me” – featuring the Queen of Pop herself. While I could’ve done without some of the ridiculousness, there’s no doubt that Miley did the damn thing. Watch the performances below now!

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Miley Cyrus & Madonna – “Don’t Tell Me”/”We Can’t Stop”


“SMS (Bangerz)”

“Do My Thang”

“Get It Right”

“Adore You”

“Rooting for My Baby”



“Wrecking Ball”


  • mary

    GROSS!!!!!! It’s like watching Hee-Haw after a 5 day crack binge!!!!!!!!!! Did I just see a midget in a picnic tablecloth jumpsuit tweaking? Holy Moley! And meeMaw Madonna? No words!

  • Mark

    Amazing, just the kind of entertainment a true artist can bring us, thanks Miley! Loved he versions, especially Jolene, I hope she release it as the single of this unplugged !

  • bLaine kelley

    fuckin horrid.

    i’m not a fan for various reasons, but i thought i’d give these clips a chance…and it did nothing but re-enforce my disgust of this little turd.

    she tries for this “sexy badd ass” image, but all her songs are boring snoozefests.

    She looks like a 12 yr old boy who’s rubbing on his tiny dick over and over cuz he doesn’t know what else to do.

    the turd girl knows how to use her voice, but her tone is beyond stomach churning. too much nasal and twang for pop music. i now have a headache. #NoExaggeration

    this was, as Mary said, He-Haw on crack.

    If you’re a fan of this shit you should be ashamed.

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