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Lea Michele: ‘What is Love?’ Premiere!

As we get closer to the release of Louder, Lea Michele debuts another new track off the album titled “What is Love“! The deluxe edition bonus track premiered exclusively on Entertainment Weekly this morning ahead of its iTunes release tomorrow (January 28). Written by Jaden Michaels and John Lock, “What Is Love?” is another tender piano-led love ballad from Lea but unlike the over-the-top “Cannonball,” this feels effortless and is much more heartbreaking in its delivery. Give Lea‘s new song a spin below! What do you guys think?

Pre-order Lea Michele’s debut album Louder (Deluxe Version) on iTunes now!


  • Cameron

    Wow, that’s probably the best yet. How can anyone knock this album, it’s pure talent. Beautiful, I love every minute of it.

  • Surfboardx3

    I can’t wait & will buy Lea’s album to support CLASS in this disgusting pop music industry.

    I love Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Miley, Bey etc but I can’t support them financially. These stars promote drinking in excess, weed and now freaking Ecstasy! I’m not a prude (check my screename! #surfboard lmao) but I’m not delusional when popstars claim they aren’t responsible for the messages they promote to their school-aged fans.

    “Where are the parents” comments are MOOT because parents would need to blind and deafen their children to shield them from the media in this day&age, and once they hit school their friends get them into music.

    Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Clarkson, Pink, Hayley(paramore) Adele & Jessie J are the only classy females around today on the pop scene so another voice is welcomed & needed!

    Is she working with Diane Warren? David Foster?! I hope so.

    Cannonball & Battlefield have really grown on me. I hope for a few epic CELINE DION level ballads though.

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