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They’re Back! Danity Kane Premiere New Song ‘Bye Baby’

The time has arrived – Danity Kane is officially back! Dawn Richard, Aubrey O’Day, Shannon Bex, and Aundrea Fimbres have returned with the premiere of their first new song titled “Bye Baby“! Fresh from their comeback show at L.A.’s House of Blues last month, the girls finally deliver us their first taste of new material from their upcoming third studio album. The song, which premiered on Rap-Up, is giving me all kinds of fresh disco realness with its funky beat, heavy horns, and infectious melodies – I’m absolutely living for it. I knew DK was not going to disappoint. LISTEN TO “Bye Baby” BELOW NOW!


  • Maddox Lenair

    OMFG!!!!!!!!!!! This IS EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! My GOD!!! They’re bring music BACK! this is hot! Perfect combination of pop, rnb, funk! A smash! Can’t wait for the video!

  • ABE

    they are only back to catch a ride on the return of girl groups train. I personally think they have outlived their career and don’t really stand against new comer who bring surplus energy like fifth harmony and little mix.

    • l.c.

      Sorry ABE, but that’s only two groups you’ve mentioned, and one of them *cough*Fifth Harmony*cough* are dull, generic, and tween as hell. DK are penultimate because they can sing, DANCE and perform in a mature, sexy way… for those of us that want something a tad more adult than either of those other groups (or The Saturdays, for that matter) can offer. I’m just glad to have a girl group other than Neon Jungle to knock my socks off now!

      • ABE

        Sorry L.C., Danity Kane had what two songs, they are overly sexy and always exploiting their femininity. Which I believe is a sorry way to maintain relevancy , which they do not even have in this day and age. They act like sluts, therefore girl groups I picked are more wholesome and humble. Also they have no vocal distinction, you may think that Fifth harmony are generic but you probably have never listened to them because I would you find me someone who can sing like Camilla Cabello and Dinah Jane. They have more vocal control than al of Danity Kane there era has come and gone now they should just allow the next generation their time. These women are old and married an overly sexy image is a little embarrassing. They are no Spice Girls who can have the ability to rekindle their career.

        • Nope

          Utter tripe. Fifth Harmony are all completely average vocalists. That Camilla girl thinking she’s Mariah Carey and doing a run every syllable equals vocal control? No sir. Danity Kane are the only girl band ever to hit #1 with two consecutive albums – what do these girls have? One flop EP.

          And none of them are “overly sexual” they do some sexual dance moves, but they’re not even close to as sexual as someone like Rihanna or even Beyonce. And even if they did, it wouldn’t matter.

          • Terence

            If thats not talent then you must be deaf but maybe you know better since you consider their buzz EP as a flop; the only thing that the EP was meant to do was get them out their and people talking and it has served their purpose their full album is on its way. Also Mariah Carey does not do rifts like that her signature note is the whistle register, she is far more talented and practiced than them they are up and coming. I don’t know why I’m wasting my time talking to someone who is numb to the world around them. Yes they had Number one albums like 10 years ago their fans are older they do not reach audiences that actually care with is the younger demographic.

            And I recall Aubrey doing play boy, umm last time i checked that screams overly sexual. I have no respect for people that use only sex to sell their music. Rihanna and Beyonce have secure and stable careers and are true artist they use sexy as a way of express their ideas and being artistic. Plus they cannot doing anything without Diddy, they are trying to be relevant but they’re not .

          • RICHELLE M.

            Regardless how everyone feels they were big and both of their albums went #1 … and they are back and will be big and will be #1

            sorry bout it .

    • Raphael

      oh please your an idiot to even compare them to fifth harmony how old are you? Most likely a child or just plain stupid they are making grown folk R&B and fifth harmony is just a group that got their attention and fans on the disney channel.

  • Alexander

    this is some classy SHIIT! cant wait for what else they have to bring to the table! SiIck ShiiT! smart to go this route, bringing back the funky groovy music! kinda glad D. Woods left, gives Shannon a chance to shine more!

  • Ross

    I like it, but it’s definitely not amazing. It doesn’t pack as much of a punch as All In A Day’s Work, the song that they premiered at House of Blues. That’s what I was hoping to hear. This is just alright, even though it’s DK. I’m just happy that they’re back churning out good shit. Hopefully AIADW will surface/premiere sooner than later.

    • jO

      @Ross. I agree. This song is nice but not single-worthy. All in a Day’s Work should have premiered instead.
      Also I hope that Danity Kane will really show that they have the most mature, edgy sound to offer.

      • DediKated

        Oh they are DEFINITELY the most mature/edgy girl group. These other girls do not hold a CANDLE to DK’s stage presence! Are these kiddies kidding me? They could perform circles around Fifth Harmony, and The Saturdays! Even some more seasoned groups like Girls Aloud, are boring compared to DK’s music. The only recent group that stands a chance is Little Mix, because of Perrie Edwards and Jade Thirlwall.

        I have no doubt Danity Kane, IF they sign a deal, will take the entire world by storm. They have all of the elements they need, and as a Quartet they are streamlined.

        Promote and Market these girls right, and they could be the only girl group to have THREE albums to debut at #1!

          • DEDIKATED

            I have no idea what you mean. My name is Kalub, and this is the first time I have posted a comment on this post. I do not appreciate you jumping to conclusions about who I am, or why I am posting. Stop being rude. Thanks.

  • Splash

    Pedestrian crap! This is another R&B song that sounds like the majority of R&B songs. How many times are we going to be force fed the same Jackson/Kool & The Gang b-side?

  • mary

    Wish it would have come out a year ago. Still cute but a tad bit late.
    FYI Abe, Fifth Harmony Sucks balls!
    I miss my Girls Aloud!

  • sassy

    Dawn Richards solo career songs are awesome, wish they allow her to performs bomb on the tour with her dancers, the tour would become epic and sell more tickets.

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