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Pixie Lott: ‘Nasty’ Video Premiere!

After returning in 2013 with buzz track “Heart Cry,” Pixie Lott premieres the official music video for “Nasty“! The track serves as the lead single off her upcoming self-titled third studio album, which is scheduled for release later this year in the UK via Mercury and Interscope Records. Written by Claude Kelly and Cee Lo Green, “Nasty” is a fun and upbeat jazzy number packed with heavy horns and naughty lyrics. The track was actually originally recorded by Christina Aguilera for the movie Burlesque but it obviously never made the cut. Fun fact aside, there’s still much to like about Pixie‘s version – she does it justice. What do you guys think?



  1. song is mediocre, nothing more than that, but video is fun…

  2. ZZZZzzzz

    Sorry, the song isn’t terrible, it’s just Pixie. She’s bland, boring, inoffensive. There’s no edge or anything interesting about her. She’s just a very pretty blonde with a decent voice and zero charisma. I smell a flop – so much for her comeback…

  3. I want to hear the XTina version! You can tell its a XTina song, not bad but Pixie is just plain Boring!
    Cute but Boring!

    1. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I like the track but hate Cee Lo on X-Tina’s version. It doesn’t sound believable at all. The Pixie Lott version is solid but it sounds like it’s missing X-Tina.

  4. good, but I think it would be better with CA!

  5. She is so boring she didn’t even bothered to make changes to the arrangement. It’s exactly the same song note by note. Go away, child.

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