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Lady Gaga & Christina Aguilera: ‘Do What U Want’ Studio Version!

Just two weeks after their legendary performance on The Voice finale, Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera team up again to officially release the studio version of their duet “Do What U Want“! Around midnight, just after December 31 became January 1, Gaga tweeted a link to the song on iTunes and wrote, “pink champagne, gold lamé, hair, and fearlessness.” The new version is pretty much exactly the same as the performance so if you were living for that then you’ll be living for this. Happy New Year!

BUY Lady Gaga and Christina Aguilera’s duet “Do What U Want” on iTunes NOW!


  • Mac

    I didnt like Christina’s add-in at first, but on second listen, I like it better now…but R Kelly’s feature owns the song…IMO! 🙂

    • Steve

      Yes Evan. I downloaded both on New Year’s Day . The only difference I heard between the clean and explicit versions is that the word “shit” is censored to “sh” in the line “then you print that shit that makes wanna scream”, which appears as the last line in the first verse. Other than that both versions are essentially the same, no other changes. 🙂

  • Dan

    They should release another single with Rick Ross, R Kelly, and Christina. Someone mashed them together and it sounds so good – I am hoping the video delay is because they are doing just that!

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